A SCOTS academic has written a book that shines new light on the life and work of Robert Burns.

Dr Pauline Mackay, a lecturer in Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow, has dedicated her academic career to studying Scotland's national bard.

Her book, Burns for Every Day of the Year, covers a wealth of subject matter and gives fresh insight into his views on politics, love and religion, as well as the inspiration he drew from nature and his interest in the supernatural.

Dr Mackay discusses the book in an interview with The Herald Magazine today and touches upon Burns' complicated relationship with Jacobitism. She also delves into his tangled love life and strong views on religious hypocrisy.


She said: "I was excited about doing this book because the nature of it – these 366 glimpses into Burns – was, in some ways, quite freeing. I wasn't trying to write a chronological biography or impose any one narrative; I was able to let Burns' words speak for themselves."

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