A cargo plane en route to Iceland was forced to land at a Scots airport after declaring a mid-air emergency.

The Bluebird Nordic aircraft from Dublin to Reykjavik, with flight number BO6810, sounded the alarm while flying south of the Faroe Islands.

It left Dublin airport at 6.45am on Tuesday, but the Boeing 737-4B3 turned back shortly after takeoff.

After declaring the Squawk 7700 signal, it was diverted to the north of Scotland and landed at Aberdeen airport.

It has now emerged that the emergency was sparked by an aircraft pressurisation problem.

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At the time of the emergency, there were three crew members on board, who immediately initiated the required safety procedures.

A Bluebird Nordic spokesman told The Herald: "The Boeing 737-400 aircraft was carrying 7.2 tons of cargo and three crew members on board.

"Upon verification of the issue at hand the crew acted in strict accordance with all safety procedures and regulations of both Bluebird Nordic and Boeing.

"At no time were the crew or aircraft in any danger and the landing was completed as normal. The aircraft is now being thoroughly inspected by maintenance personnel on-site."

The aircraft is part of a fleet of five cargo planes which are based in Reykjavik. They operate scheduled cargo services to and from Iceland to Europe.

This particular aircraft, the BBD6810, operates Monday to Friday from Dublin to Iceland.