Where is it?

Kinghorn, Fife. Hitting the beach and going for a walk at Pettycur with the view to the Forth Bridges.

As a teenager, I wanted to get away from it because it seemed so small at the time. It is a place where all my angst and aspirations were happening, looking out at that skyline and across to Edinburgh.

I used to ask the Inchkeith lighthouse questions and if the light came round on the full light, it meant yes – it was almost like a Magic 8 Ball.

We moved from Clydebank when I was 10 – this was 1977 – and hit the east coast. It was totally different. But now I have come to appreciate how beautiful it is and what a great thing to have in my life, that much sky, the sea air and freedom.

I have been away since 1986 but I can go back to Kinghorn and people will be like: "You alright, Sharon? How's it going?" They don't forget you.

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I'm bringing children up in the city. Although we are in north London and have green space, it is a different mindset bringing kids up today. There is a lot less freedom. As kids, we played in fields and would go off in the morning and didn't come back until we were starving. Now it is play-by-appointment.

Why do you go there?

My mammy is there. She is the hub for our family. I'm the eldest of five and these days we are scattered around the country in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Glenrothes and two of us down in London.

How often do you go?

Usually, a couple of times each year. Last summer, when the travel restrictions eased, we stayed in a caravan at Pettycur. My mum has been unwell, and we needed to go see her. We went in July and had the amazing view out to Pettycur Beach.

HeraldScotland: Sharon Small as Rose Marshbrook in series two of ITV drama The Bay. Picture: Ben Blackall/©Tall Story Pictures 2020/ITVSharon Small as Rose Marshbrook in series two of ITV drama The Bay. Picture: Ben Blackall/©Tall Story Pictures 2020/ITV

What's your favourite memory?

Regatta days when it was sunny, the sea was blue and all that lovely peach light. Seeing the sailing boats going up and down, I always used to feel energised by that.

Growing up, we played a lot of street games. Where my mum lives, the cul-de-sac is full of cars now, whereas when I was younger, there were very few people who had or could afford cars. We had the run of the whole scheme and would play games like Bulldog and Chainy.

Who do you take?

My partner Dan and our two boys. I like to go back to Kinghorn and remember that angsty teenager and, in a way, take some peace from it because there are a lot of sacrifices when you move away from home. I think: "This is beautiful to come back to but I'm glad I made the decisions I did."

What do you take?

Waterproofs. You have to be prepared for four seasons in one day.

What do you leave behind?

The London mindset and anonymity. In Scotland, people are more engaged.

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Sum it up in a few words.

The Bridges. Peach light. Wellbeing. Aspirations. Wet and windy.

What travel spot is on your post-lockdown wish list?

For total relaxation and emptying my head, the Maldives. It was there that Dan and I decided, early in our relationship, that we are good together. I would love to go back with the kids.

We have been talking as a family about doing some city breaks. The boys are 14 and 12 and haven't been interested in city breaks before. We have always done the classic villa or a caravan in Scotland. Florence is on our list and I also have a real hankering to visit Vienna.

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