IT has been a tough year for the arts. Theatres are dark, cinemas are closed, live events are out of bounds for the foreseeable future.

As a result, arts organisations have had to keep finding ways to connect.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) has just launched the latest issue of its annual magazine Review. It has gone fully digital this time around.

Review captures a turbulent year in the life of the campus as students and staff found new ways through the uncertainty.

The magazine features interviews with guitarist and RCS lecturer Jenn Butterworth, as well as acting graduates Brian Vernel, Anna Russell-Martin and Emun Elliott, star of the new M Night Shymalan film, Old.

The RCS’s #WeAreStillHere fundraising campaign to support student scholarships has been backed by another famous graduate, James McAvoy, in the magazine.

“At this time, possibly more ever, the arts and artists need to be seen and heard and recognised for the essential contribution they make,” he points out. “We’re still here, as are the next generation. It’s why scholarship support is vital, to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance and that we have artists for the future who reflect our world, connect us and tell the stories that need to be told.”

Let those stories be heard soon.

Review is available online. Visit