Record-breaking North Coast 500 cyclist Josh Quigley is in hospital after another serious crash.

Mr Quigley, who is currently in Dubai for winter training and racing, came off his bike when hurtling downhill at a speed of around 40mph.

The 28-year-old athlete from Livingston is now suffering from multiple fractures, including three on his pelvis, two on his shoulder, one on his elbow and one on his spine.

Currently unable to walk, and in a lot of pain, he is due to undergo surgery on Thursday.


“Not sure what the recovery process is looking like yet”, he said on social media. “But I’m having surgery tomorrow and then have two weeks of bed rest in hospital as can’t walk or move really due to back fractures and can only use my right hand / side .

“There’s a great cycling community here who have been great to me since I’ve been here and they’re all doing a lot to make sure I am looked after and have what I need in here.”

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He added: “Huge thanks also to a few people who stopped at the scene and all of the first responders and medical staff who have helped at the hospital so far.

“I’m a bit shaken up, but I’ll be alright.”

Thankfully, no cars were involved in the incident - unlike the last serious crash Mr Quigley suffered in December 2019.

HeraldScotland: Scottish entrepreneur Josh Quigley plans to cycle around-the-world on a global challenge which aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Picture: Gordon Terris

During his seventh attempt to ride around the world, he was knocked off his bike in the US and had to be airlifted to hospital.

His injuries included a fractured pelvis, ribs, skull and a pierced lung, after a car hit him from behind while he was cycling through the state of Texas.

He said at the time he felt “lucky to be alive”

"I don't remember much about it but I've been told by the police that I was struck from behind by a vehicle driving at 70mph.

"After the vehicle hit me I was launched off the bike and landed 50 feet away.”

Mr Quigley went on to break the North Coast 500 cycling world record only months after enduring life-threatening injuries, completing the route in 31hrs and 17 minutes.