THEY were an early noughties fashion staple, worn by everyone from Kate Moss and Beyonce to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sienna Miller and, err, Ben Affleck. Then Uggs – the sheepskin boots originating from Australia – fell out of favour. They were considered gauche. Now they are enjoying a revival.

Remind me what Uggs are again?

The clumpy-looking-yet-apparently-cosy footwear first became popular among surfers during the 1970s to keep their feet warm at the beach between catching waves. Then they went mainstream. These days Uggs are essentially posh slippers: a pair can cost as much as £200.

How do we know they are making a comeback?

Global fashion search platform Lyst's quarterly report shows searches for slippers are up 242 per cent in the last three months, compared to the previous year. Uggs are among the most popular styles cited. John Lewis and Schuh have both reported strong demand for Uggs.

HeraldScotland: Model Kate Moss wearing her Uggs in 2003. Picture: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Model Kate Moss wearing her Uggs in 2003. Picture: Gareth Cattermole/Getty

A smattering of celebrities and influencers, including the singer Dua Lipa and model Kendall Jenner, have been spotted wearing Uggs.

It has been a creeping trend: the rapper Stormzy appeared on BBC Breakfast last year in his Ugg Tasman slippers – albeit an accidental fashion statement after he forgot to change his footwear before being driven to the studio.

What sparked this Ugg renaissance?

There are various theories. One is that homeworking has led to more folk coveting relaxed footwear to help keep their toes warm during the winter months as they sit hunched at the kitchen table or balance a laptop precariously atop their knees on the sofa.

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Another suggestion is that we are craving nostalgia and what better place to take your weary mind than the halcyon days when football WAGs and reality TV stars ruled the world in their low-slung, neon Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and scuffed Ugg boots?

As my mother always says, hold onto anything long enough and it will eventually come back into style. Then, there is the fact that you can buy matching shoes for dogs.

Did you say dogs?

Correct. New York-based dog lifestyle brand Very Important Puppies is selling mini booties for canines after announcing a collaboration with the Ugg brand. The Ugg x VIP range is made from faux suede with a rubber sole, costing £60 for a four-legged set.

Not everyone is a fan. As one commentator noted: "Any self-respecting dog would chew those off."

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Anything else?

People are sharing tutorials on the social media platform TikTok where they give their old Uggs a makeover by using scissors to trim taller boot styles into a more classic slipper, similar to the ones worn by Stormzy. Genius or utterly pointless? Draw your own conclusions.