JOANNA Cherry has accused fellow SNP MPs of "lies and smears" and enabling misogyny after she received a "vicious threat" to her safety. 

The high-profile MP was sacked from the SNP's Westminster front bench yesterday amid deepening divisions in the party. 

Ms Cherry, who represents Edinburgh South West, was removed as the party's shadow justice and home affairs spokeswoman.

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Last night, she tweeted that she had "received a vicious threat from a man to my personal safety" and had reported it to the police. 

Party colleagues took to social media to condemn the threat. 

Kirsten Oswald, the SNP's deputy Westminster leader and business convener, tweeted: "This is just unacceptable. I'm glad Joanna is safe. 

"Too many people making threats to mostly female politicians of all parties and this must stop."

Ms Cherry replied: "Thank you but this is what happens when you sanction & enable #misogyny. Let’s have some action not just handwringing #DeedsNotWords"

The Herald:

Meanwhile, Kirsty Blackman, the SNP MP for Aberdeen North, tweeted: "Horrified to hear that one of my colleagues received a threat last night. 

"This is totally unacceptable and I condemn anyone who does this. 

"I wish the police every success in bringing this individual to justice. 

"I am also pleased to hear that Joanna was able to get somewhere safe."

Writing on Twitter, Ms Cherry replied: "Thank you for your concern but this is what can happen when you rile up your base with lies & smears. 

"Actions have consequences so please think hard again before you attack a colleague on social media. #DeedsnotWords"

Ms Cherry is seen as one of the SNP's best parliamentary performers and has built a public profile on the back of court battles with the UK Government.

However she has also been accused of disloyalty to the party leadership and has publicly clashed with other SNP politicians, including Ms Blackman, over issues around trans rights.

She is seen as close to former first minister Alex Salmond, who is currently at loggerheads with Nicola Sturgeon over the Scottish Government's handling of sexual misconduct claims made against him in 2018.