What is it?

A home automation device to control your curtain position.

Good points?

Set up is easy and requires no tools for installation. You simply clip the SwitchBot to your desired curtain rail and collaborate using the accompanying smartphone app.

The device has a rechargeable battery which lasts up to eight months, although you can purchase an additional solar panel to boost longevity.

Once installed you have a range of optional features such as setting the curtain to open and close on a timed schedule or choosing to wake up with natural light thanks to the built-in light sensor.

Automatic control has security benefits as potential intruders won't be able to spot curtains which have been open or closed for extended periods when you are away. Compatibility with most smart home devices means you can choose to operate the curtains with a voice command.

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A powerful motor in the unit is capable of moving heavy fabric up to eight kilograms (17 pounds) even if your rail isn't perfectly straight. The SwitchBot also has a Touch & Go feature which recognises a pull on the fabric and will start to move in the desired direction.

Bad points?

You need to select the correct device version for your curtain rail before purchasing because, although the clips are detachable, you can't switch between the different rail clips.

Best for ...

Those seeking to take the hassle out of moving long and cumbersome curtains or those who simply want to save the 20 seconds needed to open them.

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Avoid if ...

You have a pet with a tendency to pull or climb the curtains as they will automatically move.

Score: 8/10.

SwitchBot Curtain, £85 (amazon.co.uk)