Scotland fans are celebrating a historic win in their opening 6 Nations match with Gregor Townsend's men securing their first victory at Twickenham since 1983.

Duhan Van Der Merwe’s try and Russell’s two penalties ensured Scotland claimed just their fifth win at Twickenham with head coach Townsend paying tribute to his focused and accurate side, accepting he knows this result will immediately go down in history.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon led the celebrations tweeting: The Calcutta Cup is coming home!! Massive congratulations ⁦@Scotlandteam ⁩ - what a performance and a truly historic win!" 

Outlander actor Sam Heughan shared his delight on Instagram as did singer Amy MacDonald. Scotland's patron, Princess Anne also shared an image watching the match at her home. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also tweeted his congratulations writing: "Six Nations rugby at its best today. Passion, pride - and the best team on the day winning. Well done Scotland." 

Despite the euphoric scenes at the end of the match, a row on social media was sparked after the majority of Scotland players did not take to their knees when players lined up ahead of the match to promote Rugby Against Racism. 

Ahead of kick-off, both teams lined up to mark the Rugby Against Racism campaign. The majority of England players took the knee, while the majority of Scots remained standing. 

Twelve England players and four Scotland players took the knee - with some being critical of the Scotland players for refusing to take part in the gesture which has been adopted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 'taking of the knee' has been adopted at many sporting occasions including the Scottish and English Premier League. 

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The decision sparked much debate on social media.

One user wrote: "Scottish Rugby players have every right to not take a knee. But we also all have the right to critise every single one of those players for not taking the knee. By not taking the knee it shows you STILL don't understand what BLM means."

The BBC's Joan Beattie wrote: I did wonder at the #TakeTheKnee stance of some of the players today #SixNationsRugby I don’t know what they had been advised to do. I suspect this will kick off a storm when compared to footballers."

Another added: "Genuinely intrigued to know why so few of the Scotland team took a knee before the rugby v England. Everyone entitled to choose but optics aren’t great and it has taken shine-off win for me. If they think racism isn’t an issue or that it isn’t their fight, they are wrong."

Another wrote: What do people think about the fact only four members of the Scotland team took the knee today at Twickenham? As opposed to 12 of the English team? Our footballers have been doing it for months, so it really shouldn’t have been an issue. Yes, it was a terrific win, but...!

Sky's Anthony Joseph wrote: "#AsOne is the message from Scottish Rugby. But the players don’t seem to be “as one” in their stance against racism. It’s less about ‘they should kneel’ and more about ‘why wouldn’t they?’ What do they feel so strongly about to not be part of an anti-racism gesture?"

Some defended the decision however with one social media user writing: "The others within the team are standing with their heads bowed and paying respects. We should allow people to respect things in their own way rather than being forced to adopt particular actions, gestures and identities as the only valid ways to respect a cause."

Another added: "As a person of colour I would not have taken the knee. Every player who did not take the knee either had their heads bowed or fists raised."

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One user wrote: "Playing devils advocate, you don’t have to take the knee to show solidarity, you can show it in other ways. Everyday actions against racism count more than one single one"

Cammy Black of the Scottish Rugby podcast wrote in a thread: "Until there’s an explanation no one should “condemn” the Scotland players who didn’t take a knee and ultimately, unless the reasons for not doing so are spurious or suspect they shouldn’t be condemned anyway.

"Taking a knee has to be a choice otherwise it becomes an empty gesture that everyone is compelled to do for fear of being “cancelled”. It’s not racist to stand quietly during the silence for rugby against racism BUT I’d argue it’s not anti racist. It’s passive participation.

"We’re entitled to ask why the Scotland players didn’t take a knee and comment those reasons whatever they might be. But until those reasons are clear we shouldn’t judge."

England's Billy Vunipola has not taken the knee in previous England matches stating at the time of their victory of Georgia last year: "A similar situation happened with the Black Lives Matter movement last week when we were asked if we want to take a knee or not.  


"What I saw in terms of that movement was not aligned with what I believe in. They were burning churches and Bibles. I can't support that. Even though I am a person of colour, I'm still more a person of, I guess, Jesus."

Scotland take on Wales next week at BT Murrayfield.