What is it?

A powerful robotic vacuum cleaner with optional mop function.

Good points?

Set up through the downloadable app is straightforward and communicates via either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies on your home WiFi network. The charging dock provides a base for automatic recharging of the vacuum when its power starts to dwindle which is normally close to 120 minutes thanks to the 2600mAh battery.

A powerful motor provides ample suction and three adjustable modes to suit your needs. Quiet mode for morning cleaning, standard mode for most scenarios or strong mode for when that bit of extra oomph is needed to shift some stubborn dirt.

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Proscenic's Vboost technology can detect changing surfaces and automatically increase its power when moving from hardwood floors to carpet. You can also choose to clip in the included water tank module with mop head to clean floor surfaces. You can select between three water usage modes when the mop is in use.

An anti-fall sensor prevents damage to the robot by detecting stairs or ledges.

Bad points?

The charging dock is lightweight and shunted around by the vacuum if it's not completely pressed and secured against a wall. A lack of cable management can also result in the robot being impeded when entering or exiting the dock.

Best for ...

Those who are finding the distractions of homeworking with the added hellmash of home-schooling or childcare a bit much, leaving little time for domestic chores.

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Avoid if ...

You have a pet who equates a vacuum cleaner to that of an evil intruder as there will only be one winner – I don't think the warranty covers a fight to the death.

Score: 8/10.

Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £229 (amazon.co.uk)