JUSTIN Currie has revealed that he thought he might be too old to make a new Del Amitri album. The 56-year-old frontman of the Scottish band has told The Herald Magazine that he feared he wouldn’t have the same energy that he did when he was younger.

Del Amitri toured in 2014 and 2018 but they haven’t made an album since Can You Do Me Good? in 2002. When his bandmate Iain Harvie suggested they should make a new album, Currie took some convincing.

“I was dead set against, because, rightly or wrongly, I still like a lot of the things we did in the 1990s. I’m quite proud of them. And I thought if we do something as old men it’s just not going to have the same energy.

“And then eventually I got my head around the fact that it doesn’t have to have the same energy. It just has to be good.”

Del Amitri formed in the early 1980s and then became chart [from The Herald Magazine] here: Justin Currie on the return of Del Amitri