JOANNA Cherry has beefed up security at her home after reporting another "incident of concern" to the police. 

The high-profile MP and QC revealed the move on social media.

It comes just two weeks after she was sacked from the SNP's Westminster frontbench amid deepening divisions in the party.

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Ms Cherry previously said she had since received a "series of very scary and frightening messages" from an SNP member, including a threat of sexual violence. 

Police have charged a 30-year-old man in connection with the allegations. 

Writing on Twitter today, she said: "I’ve spent the morning arranging enhanced security at my home & reporting another incident of concern to police.

"Unfounded allegations & calls to arms on twitter have consequences & I hope politicians from all parties will bear this in mind."


It is understood concerns were raised after neighbours spotted someone who appeared to be loitering in the street outside Ms Cherry's home.

Last week, Ms Cherry told Holyrood magazine she would never have got involved in frontline politics had she known "the level of abuse and threats" she would receive from within her own party. 

The Edinburgh South West MP has publicly clashed with other SNP politicians over reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. 

She has faced allegations of transphobia, which she strongly denies.

She previously told the New Statesman she was the target of "an 18-month campaign of social media lies, smears and foul-mouthed abuse directed at me from a number of mainly young men within the party who seem to have a problem with middle-aged lesbians who support women’s sex-based rights".

Ms Cherry is also seen as close to former first minister Alex Salmond, who is currently at loggerheads with Nicola Sturgeon over the Scottish Government's handling of sexual misconduct claims made against him.