A GLASGOW man who is still trying to secure a Covid vaccine for his 84-year-old mother says too many housebound patients are "falling through the cracks".

John Gillespie contacted the national Covid helpline over a week ago, on February 11, but has had no word about an appointment for his mother, Sarah.

Mrs Gillespie, from Robroyston in Glasgow, is disabled due to sciatic nerve damage and chronic inflammation around her spine which means she needs a walking aid indoors.

She also suffered brain damage in 2019 as a result of delirium caused by low sodium levels.

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Mr Gillespie, who is his mother's main carer, said a district nurse had arrived unannounced at his mother's house around three weeks ago when she was home alone.

He said: "Because of my Mum's mental health state she doesn't usually open the door to anyone. It's only me who comes in and out.

"If it was the vaccination team, they didn't phone in advance or anything and then they just disappeared.

"It's not really wise to open the door if you're elderly and you don't know who the person is.

"If they know that someone has mental health difficulties, they really should pre-warn them or their carer that they are coming.

"If they just walk away and don't come back, it's not very well thought through.

"There might be hundreds falling through the cracks like this."

Mr Gillespie, 60, contacted the national Covid helpline last Wednesday but the call handler said they had no record of Mrs Gillespie and would have to pass her details to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

He said: "They said there was nothing they could do, and the health board would get back to me in 72 hours at most, but I haven't heard anything."

After also contacting his mother's GP surgery in Bishopbriggs, he was told she could be immunised at their final vaccination clinic on Friday February 12 if he was able to bring her into the practice.

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However, snow and ice on his mother's street made it impossible for him to get his car close enough to her home so that she would be able to walk out to the vehicle.

Mr Gillespie added: "It's going down to the lower categories now and she's been bypassed, fallen through the net somehow and nobody is taking responsibility."

A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the majority of housebound patients have received their jag. 

She said: "We are working hard to ensure all individuals who are eligible have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We have vaccinated the majority of housebound individuals.

"We are sorry we have not been able to vaccinate this lady yet. Our local HSCP team visited her and attempted to provide an opportunity for the vaccine.

"We will ensure they visit again as soon as possible so she can have the opportunity to be provided a vaccine.

"Any other housebound individuals who are eligible for the vaccine and are still waiting for an appointment and haven’t already done so, should contact their local GP who should pass their information onto the local HSCP to arrange for a visit.

"They can also contact the vaccine helpline on 0800 030 8013 and will be advised appropriately."

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More than 98 per cent of over-80s in the community have been vaccinated according to the Scottish Government, but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Tuesday that there are "bound to be some hiccups".

She said: "If you are over 70 or have an extreme clinical vulnerability and haven’t yet heard about your vaccine, it may be that your letter has gone astray or that some other administrative problem has occurred.

"So please get in touch with your GP, call the helpline or, as a last resort, email me. The address is firstminister@gov.scot"