Students at University of Strathclyde are launching a brand new publication aimed at reporting issues affecting young adults living in modern-day Scotland.

Digital Journalism students at the university are eagerly counting down to the big launch day February 25 for their publication “Aff The Record”.

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Editor in Chief, Anna Bryan, said: “We are so excited to launch Aff the Record, Scotland’s only news outlet written by young people for young people. 

"Life is rather chaotic and difficult at the moment, especially for young adults. We hope that by providing them with catered news and accessible data-journalism, we will make life less daunting for them and help them to make informed decisions about their future.”

The students hope to go "aff the beaten track" with a focus on data journalism. The publication represents a new "ERA" of news that is Engaging, Relatable, and Accessible. 

The big launch day will be held on Zoom and feature a talk from former Downing Street Press Secretary Alastair Campbell.

The journalists will prioritise multimedia tools in order to widen their audience and improve upon accessibility. They intend to balance hard news with human interest features stories that put a face to the data.

The editorial team is made up of 12 prospective journalists, some international and some from across Scotland.