Alastair Campbell has said the Alex Salmond inquiry has highlighted 'double standards' within UK media when reporting political scandals.

Tony Blair's former spin doctor said the saga has passed beyond the Scottish border in terms of public interest, but has brought to light media hypocrisy.

The comments came as he wrote exclusively for Herald Voices Live, a new digital platform that gives subscribers access to analysis and insight from some of Scotland's top commentators.

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Campbell said that London media seems "less well disposed to covering in quite such detail, and with quite such force, scandals involving the UK government in London".

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He wrote: "My complaint with the BBC and other broadcasters is not that they are inherently biased, but that they are overly influenced by the agenda set by these politically motivated organisations posing as voices of the people.

"If the London media applied the same judgements and standards to Johnson and his team, as they did to Labour in power, or are doing to the SNP in Scotland now, I suspect he would have been so shredded he’d have gone back to writing columns for the Telegraph and Spectator by now."

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