Boris Johnson has dismissed calls for a second Scottish independence referendum as "irrelevant". 

The Prime Minister said that the Covid crisis boosted the case for the UK holding together, pointing to the vaccine rollout as an example of the four nations working together. 

Ms Sturgeon has said that she wants a second independence referendum in the “early part” of Holyrood’s next term this year.

But with typical verbosity, Mr Johnson branded the plan to hold a second referendum should the SNP win a majority in May's Holyrood election as “completely in-apposite, irrelevant, uncalled for and unnecessary.”

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He told The Sun newspaper: “The value of the Union has been massively underscored during this pandemic.

“I think most people looking at the way the UK has responded with the vaccine rollout can see the huge value of us working together as one United Kingdom.

"The UK armed forces and NHS distribution of the vaccine throughout one country has been fantastic," he added.

The Herald:

Mr Johnson belives in the strength of the union 

Asked about ongoing drama surrounding the Alex salmond inquiry, Mr Johnson said: “I think the biggest lesson I take from all this is that it's important in these times to focus on the issues that really matter to the people of Britain.

"The more I read about other stuff, the more convinced I am that that's what we should focus on.”

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Mr Jonson added: "What the electorate in Scotland want is a government that focuses on their needs for education, fighting crime, governing sensibly with sensible policies on taxation and everything else.

“I don't see that from the Scottish National Party. I don’t see that at all and I'd rather hold them to account for that."

And he said: “The idea of having a referendum now, is absolutely extraordinary.

"Or having a referendum, anytime in the foreseeable future, given what this country's just been through and what we've got to do.”