Recap: Nicola Sturgeon gives crucial evidence to Salmond committee amid quit calls


Recap: Nicola Sturgeon gives crucial evidence to Salmond committee

By David Bol

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    -The First Minister has insisted she did not 'intervene' in the allegations against Alex Salmond even when he 'asked me to'
  • -Ms Sturgeon says that Mr Salmond showing her a letter from the permanent secretary detailing the claims against him was 'a moment in my life that I will never forget'
  • -She says the first meeting she had 'forgotten about', she was told of allegations 'in general terms' but not the detail of the alleged sexual misconduct
  • -The First Minister insists 'I would never have wanted to get Alex Salmond'
  • -She denied that anyone in her team leaked claims about Mr Salmond to the Daily Record, insisting her team never received a report that Mr Salmond claimed the leak originated from
  • -Ms Sturgeon is pressed about evidence published yesterday, suggesting a name of a complainant was leaked to Mr Salmond's former chief of staff - but tells MSPs the evidence from Kevin Pringle and Duncan Hamilton, who were not at the alleged meeting is 'hearsay evidence'
  • -The First Minister is at odds with Mr Salmond's suggestion that historic claims should not be investigated, tells MSPs it is the right thing to do
  • -Ms Sturgeon tells MSPs that when she first learned of allegations against Mr Salmond they suggested 'deeply inappropriate behaviour on his part'