More than 5,000 people have joined the SNP in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon's appearance at the Alex Salmond inquiry, the party has said. 

The hashtag #Istandwithnicola began trending on Twitter last night as people gave their reactions to the First Minister's question and answer session in front of the committee investigating the handling of harassment. 

Following the end of the session many people took to social media to say they had joined or were re-joining the party. 

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Keith Brown MSP, the SNP’s campaign director confirmed today that there has been a surge in members.  

Mr Brown hailed the boost as a "great way" to start the campaign for the Holyrood elections in May.   

He said: "In nine weeks, Scotland goes to the polls in the most important Scottish election in our lifetime.

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"Gaining 5,000 new members in the last 24 hours is a great way to start our campaign.

"On May 6, together we can show Boris Johnson, and the world, that Scotland’s votes matters, and our voice will be heard."

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He added: "Post-pandemic we can put into action our plans to recover, restore and rebuild.

"Plans that include gaining the full powers of an independent Scotland needed to create a country that’s fairer, a nation that truly cares."