It has dominated headlines for weeks in the UK with Harry and Meghan's sit-down interview with US TV host Oprah Winfrey to air this weekend.

The interview will air in the US on Sunday on CBS - with the two hour interview generating headlines around the world.

Teaser trailers have shown Prince Harry saying  "My biggest concern was history repeating itself" in regards to his late mother Princess Diana, and Meghan referring to the Royal Family as "The Firm"


Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A CBS Primetime Special airs on Sunday, March 7 in the US at 8pm on CBS News, which is at 1am UK time.

UK residents will also be able to watch the interview however. 

What channel is Meghan and Harry Oprah interview in the UK?

Residents in the UK will be able to watch the interview on Monday evening on ITV/STV. 

ITV will air the programme on Monday, March 8 after striking a deal with the network to acquire the rights for a reported £1 million.

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What time is Harry and Meghan Oprah interview?

ITV/STV will show the programme at 9pm

According to reports, the interview starts out with Meghan and Oprah before Harry joins. 

How to stream the Harry and Meghan Oprah interview

The interview is available to watch on the ITV Hub. 

What can viewers expect?

The couple has long had an acrimonious relationship with the media and spoken of their struggles with the intense interest.

They will be expected to be highly critical of the actions of the press.

In extracts of the Oprah Winfrey interview released over the last few days, Meghan has criticised the constraints she faced as a working royal, and said it was “liberating” to be able to “say yes” to a request for an interview with the US chat show host.

The duchess has already accused “The Firm” – as the royal family is sometimes known – of “perpetuating falsehoods” about her and Harry in a clip.

The Sunday Times reported royal advisers are “prepared to retaliate with fresh disclosures about the couple’s behaviour if the monarchy is attacked.”

How will the royal family respond and how will they restore their damaged reputation?

The royal family and their aides have some challenging questions to answer about why a suicidal Meghan was not supported and given help, and about the accusations of racism.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have long been vocal campaigners on the issue of mental health so questions remain about their involvement and what their response will be.

The interview is likely to be seen – either by the press or the royals or both – as an attack on the whole family, and how will William react to Meghan singling out Kate?