A Scottish farmer has urged dog owners to keep their pets "under control" after her sheep suffered a horrifying attack over the weekend. 

Lynne Fairlie, of Kirkettle Farm in Midlothian, said it was the last thing she wanted to deal with on Monday morning - when she found the injured animal still alive.

The ewe, which was pregnant, sadly had to be put down.

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The unborn lambs did not survive.

She said: "Sunday dog walker allowing the family pet to attack a sheep.

"The dog must have had blood on it but not decent enough to report this attack.

"Poor sheep had her bowels hanging out and still alive this morning.

HeraldScotland: The animal had been disembowelled | LYNNE FAIRLIEThe animal had been disembowelled | LYNNE FAIRLIE

"She was put to sleep, losing her life and lambs. Hopefully nothing else aborts with the stress."

The incident happened at Kirkettle Farm which is bordered by the Penicuik to Dalkeith bridle path, and was reported to the police.

She added: "If you must let your dog run free make sure it’s under control and not jumping fences to chase a sheep."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "About 09:40 on Monday, we received a report of sheep worrying at a farm near Roslin in Midlothian.

"Inquiries into the incident are ongoing."