Where is it?

My hometown of Inverness. I lived there until I was 18 and moved to Glasgow.

Why do you go there?

My reasons these days are different. After being in the US for four-and-a-half years, I appreciate how amazing it is. For me, it is not only about the nostalgia or to experience where I grew up and all that familiarity, but also to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world.

How often do you go?

When I moved to Florida, I said I would go back to Scotland every year. But with everything that has been going on, I haven't been since September 2019 and I've not been in Inverness since 2016, so it is a long time.

Being able to appreciate the scenery is a big thing for me. To see the hills and the colours and the water. I am even looking forward to the cold weather.

HeraldScotland: Presenter Diane KnoxPresenter Diane Knox

What's your favourite memory?

When I was growing up, my mum and dad would take us exploring. At the weekends and when spending time together as a family, even as young kids, they wanted to get us outside, exploring the surrounding area and appreciating all of that.

My mum is from Strathconon near Dingwall and my dad is American. It was a big thing for him to make the most of the landscapes and how naturally beautiful that part of Scotland is. We would always be outside on these adventures.

Who do you take?

My boyfriend Garrett. He has never seen where I grew up. Dores Beach at Loch Ness is somewhere we used to go regularly as a family then, as I got older and had my driving licence, I would go on road trips with friends at weekends. I can't wait to show him places like that.

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What do you take?

There are things from Scotland I would love to bring back to Florida. Anything tartan or with a Scotland flag on it: T-shirts, sweatshirts, postcards. On my desk I have a framed picture of the Duke of Wellington statue in Glasgow with a cone on its head.

Before, if I was in America and saw someone wearing a sweatshirt with "Scotland" on the front, I would think: "What on earth?". Now, I am that person.

What do you leave behind?

The cheesiest answer ever: a piece of my heart in Scotland. I moved to the US because all my family are here now – my brother moved in 2003 and then my parents in 2005 – but I still feel so connected to Scotland and miss it.

Sum it up in five words.

Sentimental. Majestic. Home. Beautiful. Proud.

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What travel spot is on your post-lockdown wish list?

California. My dad's family all live in San Diego, including my 90-year-old grandmother. I would love to visit her soon.

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