I’m often guilty of running to my comfort zone of cabernets and claret-style wines when it comes to making a purchase, but I have decided to be far more adventurous.

I’ve had two corking reds from Greece, one full and spicy like a decent Chateauneuf du Pape and the other one dominated by cabernet and its cassis flavours.

Two cabernets from China particularly stood out – as much for the high price as the top quality, mind you – and there was also a simply outstanding velvety wine from Slovakia. Yep, Slovakia – but the biggest surprise of all came from Brazil.

Brazil, as it turns out, is the third largest wine producer in South America, it’s just that we don’t tend to see an awful lot of it over here.

Miolo has been a grape producer since 1897 but it only went into wine production in its own right in 1990 and thank the stars it did. Fingers crossed for more in the future because my Brazilian was oh so smooth!

Miolo Lote 43, Brazil

A lovely aroma of autumn fruits leading into a silky palate of smooth tannins, cassis and hints of tobacco and cocoa on the finish.

A simply gorgeous wine at any price but rather delicious at this one.

The Fine Wine Company, Edinburgh, £22.67

Gaia Wines, Notios, Greece

Very fresh for a red wine, with vibrant summer fruits and plums on the palate. The tannins are evident but soft, making it a perfect partner for food.

POP Wines, Glasgow, £14