The Voice winner Craig Eddie has said his “head is still in the clouds” after winning the ITV singing show.

The Scottish singer, 23, said his victory is yet to sink in.

His single Come Waste My Time is the first ever self-written winner’s song on The Voice and has shot up the iTunes chart since he was crowned the show’s winner on Saturday night.

He said: “My head is still in the clouds to be honest, I feel amazing, it’s the best I’ve felt in my life.

“I never expected that, I think my brain is still in the studio. I never thought that I was getting through, I think when the intense music kicked in, I genuinely felt my soul leave my body.”

Eddie said he was particularly nervous about performing his own music during the final, and added: “It definitely felt like a gamble, beforehand for weeks I was trying to decide whether to do a cover or do the original song.

“I wrote Come Waste My Time 18 months ago and I was just waiting for the right time and there was really not a better time than the final of The Voice.

“It was just a gut instinct. I wrote it within about 10 minutes, I think I was raw after getting my heart a bit battered and I think that is where the best songs come from, right after you’ve just been emotionally battered, so I think it came really naturally.”

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Discussing his hopes for the future, he said: “I would love to work with Yungblud, I think that would be amazing.

“Yungblud is a legend and his music is unreal, and Machine Gun Kelly, I think that would be amazing as well.

“Billie Eilish, but that is just a shot in the dark, maybe that is a bit far-fetched trying to get that one, maybe in like 20 years or something.”

Eddie’s original song Come Waste My Time is out now.