I HAD the rare pleasure of tasting Glenfiddich's Grand Series of Malts last week so I apologise in advance for this week's trip into fantasy land. Oh to be rich.

I've been writing about drinks for years now so it takes a very special product to stop me in my tracks. If I'm lucky it’s once a year. Last week it happened three times in a row and I predict the memory will linger for years to come.

The range includes a 21 year old finished in Caribbean rum casks, a 23 year old finished in French oak and the Grand Couronne 26 year old finished in Cognac casks and the samples were paired with a selection of handmade macarons from the Cafe Royal which turned out to be a stroke of decadent genius to be honest.

Glenfiddich describes the range as opulent and designed to elevate special occasions. Grand words for a grand series but what a shock I got when I realised the tasting itself would turn out to be the special occasion. The 21 and 23 years olds were stunning malts but the 26 year old Grand Couronne was a work of art, an old master in liquid form. It was, in short, divine.

It’s one of those super extravagant products that didn't need to be made and presumably has a very limited market but, by goodness, I'm glad the wizards at Glenfiddich made it. The Grand Couronne is way more than a bottle of malt, its Scotland’s version of the Aston Martin, a work of beauty and the type of product every country wants at least one of to call its own. Slàinte mhath.

Glenfiddich 21 year old Gran Reserva

Finished in Caribbean rum casks, it’s got a nose deeper than the Mariana trench with smoke, caramel and hints of leather.

Glenfiddich.com £145

Glenfiddich 23 Year Old Grand Cru

Finished in rare French casks, the nose is lighter than the 21 with floral notes and a hint of a bakers shop but the palate is all vanilla which is right up my street.

Glenfiddich.com £220

Glenfiddich Grand Couronne 26 Year Old

Oh my goodness!

Glenfiddich.com £450