COULD Meghan Markle really be considering running for President of the United States? Her unofficial biographer claims embarking on a new life in the White House is on the cards for the Duchess of Sussex with planning already underway to make her dream come true.


President Markle?

The rumour mill is in overdrive across the Atlantic that the Duchess of Sussex is indeed preparing for a political career Stateside, with her sights ultimately set on the top job, with focus on the 2024 election if Joe Biden decides he does not want to serve a second term.


Says who?

Earlier this month, a senior Labour politician - said to be a veteran of Tony Blair's administration - told The Mail on Sunday that Ms Markle was networking with senior Democrats to lay the groundwork for a political campaign and for fundraising teams that could ultimately set the wheels in motion to take her all the way to the White House.


Who else?

Investigative journalist and author Tom Bower said earlier this week that Ms Markle has “had her time” acting and is now "likely" to launch a US presidential campaign, saying: "The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I'd even say likely. I really believe it's where she sees herself going.” He told Good Morning Britain: “She’s known across the world at the expense of the royal family and that’s the first step to a political career. She's got the right basis for it because she's ambitious and she has a lot to say."



Known for his raft of bombshell biographies of the likes of Prince Charles, Simon Cowell and Robert Maxwell, as well as last year's book "The Gambler" on Boris Johnson, Bower, now 74, is known for his acid pen. He has signed a reported six-figure deal to write a book detailing the life-story of the Duchess, who was previously wed to American film producer Trevor Engelson and is now expecting her second child with husband Prince Harry.


The book is underway?

The author is embarking on 12 months of research, during which he will speak to friends, foes and associates of Ms Markle, who made her name as an actress in US TV show Suits before marrying into the royal family and then departing official royal life last year.


The sensitivity snag?

Bower believes one of the main problems is the Duchess’s “sensitivity to criticism.” He said: “I really think she would struggle. She'd need to learn to take the heat.”


Could she still be a Duchess if she proceeded down this path?

The monarchy traditionally stays out of politics, so it would be hard to imagine the couple retaining their royal titles in such circumstances. They have already dipped a toe in these waters - last year, during the American election, they launched a thinly veiled attack on Donald Trump, urging voters to “reject hate speech”.


So if Meghan ever makes it to the White House?

She may return to Buckingham Palace on a state visit to have tea with the Queen.