Nicola Sturgeon has committed to serving a full five-year term if re-elected as Scotland’s First Minister - but declined to say if she may run for another term in office after that.

The SNP leader, who has been First Minister since 2014, said she was “putting herself forward for a full term of office” in the post.

That would see her serving almost 12 years at the head of the Scottish Government – longer than the 11 years Margaret Thatcher spent in Downing Street as Tory prime minister.

However, Ms Sturgeon refused to say whether she would another campaign as SNP leader in 2026.

Asked what would happen then, she said: “I am fighting this election campaign, I am putting myself forward for a full term of office as First Minister, should the people of Scotland elect me. And that is entirely up to the people of Scotland.

“And frankly I will think about the next election when we get closer to that.

“One of the things I have learned… is to take every election as it comes and not take the voters or the country for granted.”