Douglas Ross has accused the SNP of "robbing" essential local services of £1 billion by failing to properly fund councils.

Scottish Conservative analysis found that if local authorities received the same share of the budget as 2007-08, local services would have been £1 billion better off in 2019-20 alone.

The Scottish Conservative leader has pledged to enshrine fair funding for councils in law.

The proposal would create a ‘Barnett Formula for councils’, a permanent financial settlement ensuring their budgets would be protected.

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Mr Ross said: “If councils had the same share of the Scottish Budget as they got before the SNP came to power, essential local services would be a billion pounds better off.

“They’ve hoarded power and funding at Holyrood and we’ve all seen the result. Local schools are not quite what they used to be, potholes expand in number and size, and bin collections are less frequent.

“The Scottish Conservative solution is simple – give councils a permanent fair share of the budget."


Mr Ross is on the campaign trail

Mr Ross added: “The SNP are quick to blame the UK Government, even when funding is hitting record highs, but they’ll happily raid and rob councils to make up for all the cash they’ve wasted on ferries that don’t float, failing IT systems and hospitals that open nine years late.

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“Only the Scottish Conservatives would restore power to local communities, stop the SNP’s drive to centralise power and halt their push for another divisive referendum.”