ANAS Sarwar expects Labour’s UK leader to be up in Scotland campaigning during the Holyrood election campaign.

The Scottish Labour leader has insisted that he is overseeing his party’s Scottish Parliament campaign rather than the UK party.

Mr Sarwar added that he expects Sir Keir Starmer to join him on the campaign trail before voters go to the polls on May 6.

He said: “This is an election campaign that is being led in Scotland, run in Scotland and of course, at some point, I will be happy to welcome Keir up to Scotland.

“I’m not sure we have a date for that yet.”

After securing his job as Scottish Labour leader, Mr Sarwar warned Sir Keir over the dangers of neglecting Scotland.

He added that "unless he recognises the importance of Scotland, we are not going to have a UK Labour government."

Speaking ahead of the election campaign, Sir Keir warned that Labour’s rivals were “fighting amongst themselves, rather than fighting for the Scottish people”.

He added: “After everything we have been through, the last thing we need now is more division.

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“Yet in Scotland the SNP are fighting amongst themselves, rather than fighting for the Scottish people.”

Yesterday, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross appeared to backtrack on a promise that Boris Johnson will travel north of the border to take part in the campaign.

Just four weeks ago, Mr Ross insisted that the Prime Minister would be on the campaign trail in Scotland before voting day on May 6.

He twice told the BBC’s Sunday Show: “The Prime Minister will be up here.”

In January, Mr Johnson himself had said: "Wild horses won’t keep me away."

However Mr Ross yesterday changed his tune, admitting the PM may not visit after all, and might only take part in the campaign “virtually”.

Asked if Mr Johnson would visit, Mr Ross replied said: “I don’t know is the honest answer.”