BBC and ITV viewing figures collapsed after regularly scheduled programming was pulled for blanket coverage of Prince Philip’s death.

According to reports citing Barb overnight ratings, ITV’s audience declined by 60 percent on April 9th in comparison to the previous week with BBC viewing figures also suffering.  

BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Scotland, BBC News, and BBC Alba were broadcasting identical feeds following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, with a number of scheduled broadcasts pulled.

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The BBC has also since set up a dedicated complaints line over their wall-to-wall coverage which saw the final of MasterChef, EastEnders and other shows pulled. 

According to the ratings, BBC One drew an average of 2.41m viewers between 7pm and 11pm, where it broadcast a two-hour Prince Philip special. The week prior, the channel drew an average of 2.56m viewers.

BBC Two, which showed the same Prince Philip special saw a steeper drop off with a 64% drop according to figures. 

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ITV also made schedule changes following the news, leading up to an extended News At Ten at 10pm.

ITV coverage, between 7pm and 11pm, drew an average of 1.34m viewers – down from 3.39m viewers during the same time period the previous week. 

Channel 4, who also faced criticism for not changing their broadcast schedule vastly aired the highest-rated show with Gogglebox amassing 4.2m viewers. 

Channel 4 aired an obituary programme at 4pm and featured an extended 90-minute news broadcast at 7pm before returning to its peak time schedule for the final of reality show The Circle.

The BBC established a dedicated form on its website after receiving complaints about its coverage, which prompted a mixed reaction from viewers on social media.

It read: “We’re receiving complaints about too much TV coverage of the death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Please enter your email address below to register a complaint about this – we’ll then send you the BBC’s response as soon as it is available.”