THE SCOTTISH Tories will set out a pledge for serving and former military personnel and their families to be guaranteed services – and draw up plans for a Universal Credit top-up scheme for veterans.

The party’s leader, Douglas Ross, will unveil a series of manifesto pledges to support military personnel including a proposed Armed Forces and Veterans Bills.

The proposed legislation will further enshrine the Armed Forces Covenant into law in Scotland.

This would give serving and former military personnel, and their families, guaranteed access to key services and products such as education, jobs, healthcare and the property market.

The party said the bill will enhance support for transitioning to civilian life and make the best use of their talents — also benefiting our communities and economy.

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The Scottish Conservatives intend use Holyrood's devolved welfare powers to create a new top-up benefit for veteran households in receipt of Universal Credit. Under the plans there would be new Help to Buy scheme, with specific provision for veterans and their families to make Scotland home.

Speaking before a visit to the Royal Scots Monument in Edinburgh, Mr Ross said: "Scotland has long played a proud and essential role in our military history. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our service men and women, but warm words are not enough.

"Too many veterans and families are failed, and their sacrifices go unrecognised. While many thrive and prosper after their military service, some end up homeless, struggle to get medical care or some even become trapped in a cycle of reoffending.

"Our Armed Forces and Veterans Bill will further enshrine the voluntary Armed Forces Covenant into law. This will ensure that military personnel in Scotland are guaranteed access to a variety of key services.”

He added: "In addition, we would make use of the Scottish Parliament's powers to deliver a Universal Credit top-up for veterans who have the greatest need.

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"The Scottish Conservatives stand shoulder to shoulder with our armed forces and veteran community. That is why we fought at Westminster for personnel stationed in Scotland to be compensated for the SNP’s higher income taxes so that they don't receive less pay than those serving in the Armed Forces anywhere else in the UK.

"We truly value the sacrifices made by those who have served our country and know how difficult the transition to civilian life can be.

"We want servicemen and women who choose to make Scotland their home know that they are in a country fit for heroes."