What’s the story?


DiCaprio? Cecchi?

Neither. Leonardo da Vinci. The 15th-century Italian painter, sculptor, architect, anatomist, theorist, inventor, engineer, botanist and scientist. A great polymath. The quintessential Renaissance man.

Tell me more.

Poldark star Aidan Turner plays the eponymous lead in Leonardo, a new eight-part drama series on Amazon Prime Video.

HeraldScotland: Aidan Turner stars in new TV drama series Leonardo. Picture: Amazon Prime VideoAidan Turner stars in new TV drama series Leonardo. Picture: Amazon Prime Video

Does he take his shirt off?

Calm down. This isn’t a night out at the Chippendales. We are talking about art.

Only art?

Well, no. The drama delves into many lesser-known facets of da Vinci’s story and personal struggles, covering around two decades of his life when he was a younger man. It addresses his sexuality, an area that has long been the subject of speculation. There is also a murder mystery woven into the series plot.

What does Turner say about the role?

“Leonardo da Vinci was a man who created an incredible body of work across so many disciplines. As an actor, to explore the inner workings of this great artist was a very exciting and humbling experience.”

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Did he say incredible body?

Yes. As in body of work. Do wash your dirty mind out.

When can I watch?

Leonardo is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.