THE Scottish Greens have said the party's plans for a green recovery will create rural jobs across Scotland

Proposals for reforestation and restoring peatlands would directly create 1,129 jobs, the party said.

Meanwhile, a £150 million nature restoration fund to restore key habitats such as wetlands, rivers and coastlines would create a further 428 jobs.

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The party said it will also support rural businesses and food producers, including by establishing a National Farm Land Trust to help a new generation of farmers and growers access land.

Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said: "People visit Scotland for its natural beauty, so restoring nature is not just about protecting species but also about boosting local economies.

"Our rural jobs plans would create more opportunities for farms to diversify, supporting eco-tourism, nature restoration and growing new businesses in rural areas. 

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"The creation of a National Farm Land Trust would bring a fresh generation into farming, providing young people with access to land and a livelihood.

"Our rural communities need a green recovery with the restoration of our forests, peatlands and precious habitats driving opportunities, alongside eco-tourism and strong local food economies, that's why rural communities should vote Scottish Green on May 6."