THE Shanghai Motor Show. It’s being held in the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Centre and officially opened its doors to the public on 21 April and runs to 28 April. Now there’s a few unusual statements in that first paragraph.  

The first - there’s a motor show that’s not been cancelled. Second, there are actual people being let in. 

And if that’s not enough, then on the press preview days there were some highly surprising cars being displayed. Perhaps not the conventional sort of thing Intelligent Car Leasing customers would choose for their next car, but the Shanghai show always throws up some real showstoppers: weird, whacky and also downright amazing. 

Here’s five to get you going. 

Ora Punk Cat 


You probably think that the Punk Cat from Ora has a heritage somewhere...somewhere like the Beetle, perhaps? Inside the cream and green theme is continued, but unlike the Beetle there’s a modern touchscreen and plenty of leather. Ora is an EV brand of Great Wall - maker of the Steed pick up and the first Chinese brand to be sold in the UK. And Punk Cat? No idea... 

MG Cyberster 


From retro styling to full throttle into hyperspace. The MG Cyberster pays homage to the brand’s roadsters of the past but with superb futuristic styling, particularly around the front apron. Highly gorgeous the Cyberster can hit 62mph in 3.0 seconds but unlike its four-cylinder forebears, this MG roadster is EV only. 

Hong Guang MINI Cabrio 


The Wuling Hong Guang has become the bestselling EV in China. It plays the budget card as an around town shopper/commuter for some £3,200. Here, though, is a more upmarket version with less of a roof - the Cabrio version. Range is some 100 miles. But that’s not the point. It’s affordable, small and, above all else, fun. 

Hongqi L Concept 


If you want bling with a capital B, then the Hongqi L Concept has it in bucketloads. From its glossy paintwork, brilliant alloy wheels and jeweled lights to the chandelier that lights the interior… wait, chandelier? The L Concept is a large luxury concept and, well, why not a chandelier? It is missing a few things, though, despite the excesses - there’s only three seats; and there’s no steering wheel. The future for Hongqi is fully autonomous. So, sit back and just take in the lights… 

Maxus V90 Villa Edition 


What are we Europeans thinking with our conservative camper vans? Nothing so introverted for the Chinese. The Villa Edition from Maxus adds a second story to this recreational vehicle that features a lift and top floor tearoom among its luxurious living accommodation along with windows that can transition from clear to opaque. Just be careful to avoid low bridges… 

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