People travelling from India will now face additional restrictions when arriving in Scotland after a new variant spike in cases.

India has been placed on a red list of travel countries by ministers which began at 4am on Friday (April 23). 

The move effectively brings in a travel ban as non-UK and Irish citizens who do not have a right to reside in the UK will not be permitted from entering Scotland if they have been in India in the previous 10 days.

While UK/Irish citizens and British residents who have been in India in the past 10 days will now have to complete a 10-day hotel quarantine period on their arrival into the UK.


India has seen a rapid rise in infection rates and a new variant of COVID-19 - known as B.1.617. 

It was first identified in the UK on February 22 and as of this week there have been five cases of it found in Scotland. 

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Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said: “Scotland has strong, historic ties with India but we have taken this difficult decision after the Joint Biosecurity Centre increased its risk rating due to the high levels of in-country transmission and the threat posed from new variants.

“No one wants these restrictions in place any longer than necessary, but we have to take whatever steps are required to protect the public as we continue to emerge from lockdown in Scotland.

“International travel will continue to remain a significant risk, requiring a cautious approach, on a four-nation basis.”