THE Coatbridge-born comic book writer turned TV producer Mark Millar has revealed that he is currently working on nine different projects with Netflix.

Speaking to The Herald Magazine about his new superhero TV series Jupiter’s Legacy, Millar has said that he is already working Netflix on a second series.

“Next year there will be Jupiter season two. There will be The Magic Order, a horror show, and a big spy project,” Millar said.

He also revealed that his company Millarworld is also working on a Spanish language project shooting in Mexico and a Japanese anime series that will tie in with Jupiter’s Legacy.

“We’ve got the next three or four years planned out. And that’s just the television side.”

Millar made his name working for DC and Marvel before setting up his own creator-owned comic-book company Millarworld. There have already been film adaptations of Millarworld comics, most notably the Kick-Ass and Kingsman movies.”

Millarworld was sold to Netflix for a reported £24.8million in 2017. Millar was subsequently appointed to run the company within Netflix.

Jupiter’s Legacy is the first project under the Netflix banner. But as well as the nine other projects currently in development, Millar is hoping there will be many more

“I’ve always had this ambition to create 25 franchises and I think I’m on about 22. So now I’m saying I want to create 30 franchises, 35.”

The Herald:

The full interview is in The Herald Magazine tomorrow.