Andy Walker was absent from Sky Sports' coverage of the Old Firm derby on Sunday and it was later revealed that he was banned from Ibrox.

Reports this week have now claimed that Walker is also barred from Celtic Park and it is understood that the pundit has now sought legal advice over his rejection from both clubs.

Walker's former club Celtic are understood to still be furious over comments he made regarding their mid-season trip to Dubai.

Rangers on the other hand denied Walker accreditation on Sunday following a statement he made about the club's finances.   

Here Herald and Times Sport have gathered together both remarks in full. 

Walker's comment on Celtic's trip to Dubai

"I think what we've seen is some dismal governance, first of all from the joint response group. This is a body that also agreed to sign off on Celtic's trip to Dubai.

"At a time when they're approaching the government to plead a bit of poverty, apparently there's no money in Scottish football.

"I'm guessing this trip Celtic went on to Dubai cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. They chartered their own aircraft, they stayed for five nights in five-star accommodation for, I don't know, 20, 30 people?

"It's extraordinary. And we're also seeing some dismal governance from this club (Celtic). It is unbelievably arrogant to abuse your status as an elite sportsman.

"That was only brought in for international or European competition, not for a jolly in Dubai and I don't know any club in Europe - any top club - who are thinking of going to sunnier climes to get some warm weather training.

"So I think what the Celtic supporters deserve is a bit of contrition from someone, anyone, with a bit of backbone at this club.

"Preferably Dermot Desmond because he's the one that makes the big changes, he's the one who could knock some heads together here.

"You've got to remember Celtic supporters are paying their season tickets to see all the big stars - they're not seeing them tonight. That's not their fault. They are being short changed, and it's completely unacceptable."

Walker's comment on Rangers' finances in response to a European Super League question

"I've been listening to Celtic and Rangers trying to get away from Scottish football for the best part of 20 years.

"If you were to put this to any senior person at Celtic or Rangers they would want to hear what it is all about.

"They want to know how much money they can generate. I think especially for Rangers given their perilous financial position.

“They will want to know what’s happening to the Champions League qualifiers next season. What does it mean? How much money can they get?

“Look at what winning the Scottish Premiership next season brings. It brings immediate access to the Champions League.

“If all that is off the table, then there is a financial landscape that you have to look at that is so serious.

“But let’s not kid ourselves. Celtic and Rangers would want to be involved in this.”