With Scotland heading to the polls today along with other elections also being held in the UK, there is no doubt what the main discussion point will be when BBC Question Time airs. 

The BBC’s political flagship show returns this evening with a panel set to discuss a host of topics chaired by Fiona Bruce. 

With Council and National elections likely to be a topic, along with the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, flat expenses and the Royal Navy being set to Jersey amid a fishing row with France, there will be no shortage of talking points for members of the panel. 

Here’s a look at who is on BBC Question Time tonight and what you can expect. 

Robert Jenrick 

The Conservative Government will be represented by Robert Jenrick, the Housing Communities and Local Government Secretary. The former solicitor has been vocal on the recent controversies involving Boris Johnson and his flat refurbishment expenses and comments he made about ‘bodies piling high’ rather than a third lockdown, comments which the PM deny. With an Electoral Commision investigation into who initially paid for the refurbishment works, Robert Jenrick claimed that no member of the public was concerned about the allegations. 

He also recently said that Boris Johnson was intent on giving more devolution to mayors in England with Jenrick saying: devolving power to rural parts of England which, so far at least, have declined to create regional mayors. He said: “Devolution is back on. And we want areas to come to us now with proposals.” 

Jenrick made headlines recently after giving the green light to 700 homes in Kent amid claims the the approval of the homes will undermine the local council’s commitment to reaching net zero carbon emissions.

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The MP has rarely rebelled against his party in the current parliament and has always voted against UK membership of the EU, voted for replacing Trident and voted against a wholly elected House of Lords.  

Thangham Debbonaire

Labour will be represented on the panel by Thangam Debbonaire, the Shadow Secretary for Housing. The MP for Bristol West recently made headlines after hitting out at the Government’s plans over cladding following the Grenfell fire tragedy, with the MP saying: “The government of ‘dragging their feet at every stage since the Grenfell tragedy’ and ‘hundreds of thousands of people still live in dangerous flats’.

She made headlines earlier this year after being involved in a heated interview with Piers Morgan who barked at Debbonaire to 'answer the damn question' as he clashed with her over a tweet sent by her Labour colleague about the UK opting out of the EU vaccine scheme.  

Debbonaire often backs votes with the rest of her party and has backed issues such as the fully elected House of Lords. She has never rebelled against her party in the current parliament. 

John Bercow

Perhaps known for being a thorn in the side for Theresa May and Boris Johnson during their attempts to ‘get Brexit done’ former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow will be on the panel. 

Having been in the role for over a decade, the former Conservative MP is the last politician to make up the panel. Viewers can expect an ever fiery performance from Bercow who has hit out at the Prime Minister in recent weeks, accusing him of not treating the parliament with respect. He told LBC "First of all and most importantly, he sought to shut down Parliament for five weeks in an unprecedentedly long closure and prorogation of the house in the run-up to the Brexit summit. That showed irreverence, disdain, and contempt for Parliament”

He also hit out at the PM over the flat allegations saying the row over who paid Boris Johnson's flat renovations matters because of "the sanctity of truth" and it is "neither here nor there" whether the public are more concerned about other issues.

Bercow has also called for a judge-led inquiry into the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Deborah Frances-White 

The comedian, writer and performer will also be on the BBCQT panel this evening, having frequently appeared on other BBC shows such as ‘Have I Got News For You’, Mock The Week and more

The host of the comedy show panel Global Pillage and The Guilty Feminist, Frances-White uses the platform and network to benefit multiple charities, especially relating to refugees and human rights.

Growing up in Brisbane in a family who converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the now self described atheist holds a British and Australian citizenship. She has also written for The Guardian

Hugh Osmond 

Entrepreneur, businessman and Conservative Party donor, Hugh Osmond completes the BBC Question Time panel. With a net worth of around £230 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List, the founder of Punch Taverns and former owner of Pizza Express, has recently made headlines for hitting out at the Covid restrictions that hit the hospitality industry. 

Indeed, this week  the High Court ruled in favour of the government after Sacha Lord and Hugh Osmond sought to bring forward the reopening date of indoor hospitality in England. Following the ruling, Osmond said: "This case is not 'academic' for an industry that is losing £200m every day it remains closed, for the over three million people who work in our industry, or for the tens of thousands of businesses, suppliers, landlords and contractors forced into bankruptcy by government measures.

"Our legal action gave them a fighting chance yet once again in 2021, the strong arm of the state has come crushing down on hope and aspiration.

"The judge said that Covid ‘justifies a precautionary or cautious approach on the part of the government'. But when a crucial SAGE report is ignored, this goes far beyond caution, and questions need to be asked about when this advice was sought and why this important evidence was not disclosed."

BBC Question Time airs on BBC One Scotland at 10:45pm.