As Scotland goes to the polls, it's very clear that much is at stake. 

Over the next few days votes from across the country will be counted and a total of 129 MSPs will be elected to Holyrood. 

Being appointed MSP comes with a lot of privilege, but it also comes with a comfortable pay packet. 

But how much exactly do those who represent us earn each year?

The Scottish Parliament website very clearly sets out the figures, which we've provided below.


A typical MSP's annual salary is £64,470 - which works out at just under £5400 a month before tax is removed.

The First Minister

The First Minister of Scotland will earn their standard level MSP salary of £64,470.

However, they also receive an additional pocket of £93,391 - taking their total to £157,861. 

Cabinet Secretary 

Much like the First Minister, a Cabinet Secretary will receive the basic MSP's wage of £64,470 a year.

They also receive an additional £48,449 - bringing their total to £112,919.


A Scottish Government minister will receieve £94,821 - made up of the basic MSP salary plus an additional £30,351.

Presiding Officer

The Presiding Officer earns £112,919, the same as a Cabinet Secretary.