Voters in Glasgow North West said they were temporarily turned away from a polling station because a ballot box was “too full”.

Nadeem Basharat, 37, said he and his partner Joanne Basharat, 34, went to Jordanhill Parish Church polling station at around 8.30pm and were told they could not cast their vote at the time.

He said he was told ballot box 52 was too full and he was told to “come back by 10pm”, by a steward who was “quite vague”.

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Mr Basharat said: “We purposely didn’t go at peak times and kind of left it until a bit later on thinking we would walk in and it would be fine.

“The steward didn’t know when the next box arrived, he said come back by 10. He was quite vague."


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“We went home and waited and got there for about 9.30pm and managed to get in, ballot box 52 was still pretty full, like it had just been pushed down and not a new box.

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“It looked like there were people there who didn’t manage to vote first time around. There were maybe around six to seven street names on ballot box 52. There were few people in front of us, and there was steady flow of people still coming in when we left 9.45pm.”

Glasgow City Council has been contacted for comment.