Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that independence was not a priority for the people of Scotland.

Gove told Andrew Marr that  “a majority of people who voted in the constituencies voted for parties that were opposed to a referendum” and that Nicola Sturgeon “didn’t secure a majority as Alex Salmond did in 2011."

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He said: “The people of Scotland made it perfectly clear during this campaign that their priorities were recovery, jobs and jabs.”

Asked whether Nicola Sturgeon would be taken to court if a second referendum on Scottish independence was held, Michael Gove said: “We’re not going near there.”

The Cabinet Office minister told BBC’s Andrew Marr: “The result of all of these elections was an instruction to politicians: thank you for the vaccination programme, the UK Government has delivered that across the whole country, now please concentrate on recovery.”

He added: “Alex Salmond, when he requested a referendum, every party in the Scottish Parliament agreed that it was appropriate to have a referendum given that he had secured a majority. It is not the case now – as we see – that the people of Scotland are agitating for a referendum.”

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Gove was also asked on Sky's Sophy Ridge whether there are any circumstances when the Prime Minister would agree to a second referendum on Scottish independence to which he replied: “It’s not an issue for the moment.