All council areas in Scotland will move to Level 2 on Monday, with the possible exception of Moray which will stay in Level 3 and several islands will move to Level 1.

The change in restrictions coincides with the news that the Covid-19 alert level in the UK has been downgraded after a "consistent" fall in cases, hospital admissions and deaths.

The four chief medical officers of the UK have said the threat level should be lowered from "level 4" to "level 3", thanks to the success of the vaccination programme and social distancing restrictions.

These changes will include, but are not limited to, being able to meet inside a home, drinking alcohol inside a pub or restaurant, the reintroduction of adult contact sports and meeting eight people from eight households outdoors.

Here is what you can and cannot do in Level 2 lockdown:


Can I meet people inside my home?

Yes but the maximum number of people who can meet indoors socially in a home is six which can be from three households, including for overnight stays.

Social distancing rules do not need to be followed.

Can I get a pint or a meal indoors?

Yes. Indoors it will be six adults from three households in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant.

Outdoors eight people from eight households will be allowed.

Under 12s do not count towards the total number of people or households meeting outside but do count towards household numbers indoors.

Am I allowed to go to the shops?

Yes, all non-essential shops will be open for business so you will be able to head to your favourite retailers.

Can I travel around Scotland?

Yes, you will be able to travel anywhere across Scotland and the UK.

However, as lockdown levels change, people in Level 3 must not enter Levels 0-2 or Level 4 area unless for a permitted reason.

Can I go on holiday?

Staycations will be permitted with travel restrictions lifted and tourist accommodation will reopen.

However, socialising rules must still apply.

International travel is also allowed in 12 green list areas.

It will be part of a traffic lights system, similar to that in England, and will come into effect on May 17.

Countries are to be classified as green, amber and red and a review will take place every four weeks.

Will bars, restaurants and cafes be open?

Yes, restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars can open indoors until 22:30 with two-hour pre-booked slots.

They can open outdoors within local licensing conditions for the consumption of food and alcoholic drinks.

The maximum number of people you can meet indoors in a restaurant, café, pub or bar is six which can be from up to three separate households. 

The maximum number of people you can meet outdoors in a restaurant, café, pub or bar is eight which can be from up to eight separate households. 

Takeaway service will also continue to be open.

Am I able to go to the gym?

Yes, gyms and indoor sports facilities including swimming pools and leisure centres will be open for individual exercise.

Personal training and coaching are also permitted,

Group activity will be permitted for under 18s.

Can I play contact sports?

Yes, all organised outdoor sports are allowed provided appropriate safety measures are followed.

Indoor contact sports are not permitted, except for professional sport.

Will cinemas be open?

Venues including cinemas, bingo halls, amusement arcades and casinos will be able to reopen subject to physical distancing measures. 

Separately, indoor events in settings such as theatres, concert halls, music venues and comedy clubs will be permitted with a maximum of 100 people subject to physical distancing measures. Guidance is being produced which may allow higher capacities to be agreed with the local authority/Scottish Government depending on the event and the setting’s ability to safely hold larger numbers.


Can I see my friends and family?

Yes, groups of eight people from eight households will be allowed.

It is worth noting that under 12s do not count towards restricted numbers or households outdoors.

Can I go into stadiums and attend events?

Yes. Outdoor seated and open space events are advised to operate with a maximum capacity of 500 people.

Outdoor grouped standing events are advised to operate with a maximum capacity of 250 people.

Small seated indoor events are advised to operate with a maximum of 100 people.

Can I take public transport?

You should continue to active travel (walk, run, cycle, wheel) where possible and avoid car sharing with people outside of your extended household.

Face coverings compulsory on public transport and, due to limited capacity, if you are using public transport then plan ahead.

What about childcare?

Nurseries, childminders and regulated school-age childcare providers are open with standard protective measures are in place.

Informal childcare such as family and friends are permitted.

Can my child take part in after school activities?

Yes, but it will be subject to guidance.


Can zoos and tourist attractions reopen?

Yes, all visitors centres can reopen for business.

Should I still work from home?

You are encouraged to work from home where possible.

Can I visit people in the hospital?

Yes, but the recommended family support from at least one visitor per patient.

Am I able to visit my loved ones in care homes?

Yes, however, the recommended minimum of two visits per week, one person at a time.

Will college and universities be open?

Yes, but it will be blended learning.

Can I get married?

Yes, and 50 people are allowed to attend the ceremony and the wedding reception. Alcohol is also permitted.

Am I allowed to attend a funeral?

A maximum of 50 people are allowed to attend a funeral service and alcohol is permitted.

Can I visit my place of worship?

Yes, places of worship will be open.

Will libraries be open?

Yes, public buildings such as libraries or community centres will be open.

Some public buildings will operate an online booking system and some may have dedicated opening times for high-risk groups

Are driving lessons allowed?

Yes, driving lessons are allowed.


Can I get work done indoors?

Work, such as home decorating, repairs etc are allowed indoors.

Am I allowed to move home?

Yes, you are allowed to move home.

Will hairdressers and beauty services stay open?

Yes, all close contact services, including mobile, may operate providing they follow Scottish Government guidance to ensure the safety of customers and staff.