A TORY MP has accused Nicola Sturgeon of ‘misleading voters’ days before the Scottish elections.

Andrew Bowie, MP for Aberdeenshire West, interrupted the SNP Westminster leader this afternoon during his contribution to the debate on the Queen’s speech.

Ian Blackford had been speaking about the “electoral earthquake” of the Scottish Parliament elections, and the success of the SNP, when Mr Bowie interjected.

The Conservative MP said the elections had also been a record-breaking one for his party, giving them “more votes…than at any time in the history of devolution”.

He then said: “[Ian Blackford] talks about Scotland's choice, but four days before the election on Thursday, the First Minister of Scotland was on the BBC saying that this was not an election about independence.

“Barely hours after the polls closed she was calling for another referendum. I ask [Ian Blackford] why did she mislead the Scottish people four days before we went to the polls?”

The SNP’s Westminster leader said he was “disappointed” in Mr Bowie’s comments, urging him to “respect the electorate".

He said:” It's going to be important over the course of the coming weeks and months that we can debate properly what the choices are for the future of Scotland.

“I make this offer that all of us that have Scotland's interests at heart should be able to debate rationally and honestly, what those choices are.

“Let's respect the electorate in doing that.”