CONTROVERSIAL Scottish independence blogger Stuart Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland website, has announced that he will be quitting.

In a 2500-word blog post published today, Campbell said that in the “event of another indyref Yes would need to start with a clean slate of new faces”.

As such, he announced that he would be “setting an example in vacating the stage”.

He adds: “Wings is over.”

Campbell cites what he believes to be a lack of any real desire for Scottish independence among the 72 pro-independence MSPs elected to the Scottish parliament on May 6 as one of the key reasons for his decision to step back from blogging.

He says that expecting Boris Johnson to grant a section 30 allowing Holyrood to legislate for indyref2 is a “mad fantasy” and that the next Scottish parliamentary term will be only “deja vu”.

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However, he does not lock the door he closes in his blog post.

He says that he will “reassess the state of play and make a finally-final decision” on whether to quit completely in November, on what would have been the tenth anniversary of his blog.

Comparing the Scottish independence movement to the slow sinking of the Titanic, Campbell goes on: “In our version of the band playing on, the site will remain live and you’ll even still get weekly cartoons until that point.

“Comments will be open for people to chat... But we’re not going to spend thousands of pounds a year keeping it online indefinitely, so use the time to archive anything you want to preserve.”

Campbell, who lives in the English city of Bath, currently hosts 5868 posts and 1,049,406 comments on his site, according to its publicly listed statistics.