More then 200 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Scotland in the past 24 hours - but an IT glitch means those numbers are likely to be low. 

Scottish Government statistics have revealed that 215 positive coronavirus tests have been recorded since Thursday - a fall of 55 on the day before.

However, Public Health Scotland (PHS) say it is are aware of a "potential data issue" affecting the flow of tests from UK Government testing sites, which lasted from 8pm on Thursday until 9am this morning.

This means today's data on case numbers is said to be "lower than expected", and will be updated tomorrow.  

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Two new deaths of someone who tested positive for the disease within the past 28 days have been registered, meaning the death toll under this measure now is 7,664. 

Separate figures from National Records of Scotland, which count the number where Covid-19 was mentioned on a death certificate, put the toll at 10,104 deaths up to 9 May.

The test positivity rate was 1.3 per cent, lower than the 5% the World Health Organisation (WHO) believes indicates a pandemic is coming under control. 

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According to the latest statistics, the vaccination programme has now administered 2,985,557 first doses, while 1,575,765  have received a second. 

A total of 64 people remain in hospital receiving treatment for the virus - one more than yesterday - while seveb have been admitted to intensive care.