As Glasgow prepares to host the prestigious COP26 summit, the eyes of the planet are upon us – and a new Herald campaign, 100 Days Of Hope, is offering Scottish businesses, organisations and individuals a unique opportunity to share their stories with the world

SCOTLAND’S time to shine has arrived. With much of the world now emerging from lockdown restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, attentions are once again focusing on Glasgow in anticipation of world leaders reaching agreement on an even more cataclysmic threat to our species’ survival – climate change

With the vast majority of scientists in agreement that global carbon emissions must be drastically reduced within the next few years, COP26 offers its 197 participating nations a vital opportunity to unite against this universal threat – with Scotland poised to lead from the front as an inspiring example of a small country punching well above its weight when it comes to ushering in a carbon-free future.

Since its foundation in 1783, The Herald has told Scotland's story as it built an unrivalled global reputation for innovation, progressive thinking and trailblazing invention. 

And now, 100 Days of Hope will continue to share the country’s inspirational journey with the world, offering a bespoke platform for the many visionary businesses, charities, organisations, social enterprises and inspirational individuals across the country who are busy laying the foundations for a new Scotland where countless future  generations can thrive and prosper. 

The impact of these efforts to reduce carbon emissions will undoubtedly be our generation’s legacy for the ages, and with 100 Days of Hope, The Herald aims to highlight our commitment to the task of  chronicling Scotland’s journey to Net Zero for posterity.   

To achieve this, we are now appealing for the country's most progressive businesses, organisations and individuals – including community groups and charities – to take part in the new campaign, which will culminate with the publication of an official  ‘Declaration of Hope’.

This historic document, detailing the inspirational stories of all who took part in 100 Days of Hope, will then be passed onto officials in Africa – who will host the next COP summit.

With the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan outlining the country’s ambitous proposals for a  75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and Net Zero by 2045, unity across all Scotland’s public and private sectors is essential if these targets are to be met in time.

Yet with COP26 being heralded as the most important gathering on climate change since the Paris Agreement in 2015, there has clearly never been a better time for the country to unite on the issue – with the unrivalled reach The Herald’s print and digital platforms  being fully utilised to help achieve this national consensus on how to reach Net Zero.

Herald editor-in-chief Donald Martin said: “Hosting COP26 is a truly momentous occasion for Scotland and offers all of us an opportunity to play our part in reducing carbon emissions and working towards the target of Net Zero by 2045.


“The Herald is proud to launch the 100 Days of Hope campaign which will focus our minds on the task ahead while also shining a well-deserved spotlight on the many achievements and innovations accomplished so far by trailblazing businesses, groups and individuals throughout the country.”

The Herald’s commercial director David Ward said: “For many years, The Herald has enjoyed the privileged position of launching campaigns and initiatives that have impacted change. It has been particularly exciting to provide a platform that showcases the stakeholders, firms and organisations that innovate, inspire and seek to drive behavioural change on such an important issue. 


“I’m extremely proud of what we have  achieved to date with these campaigns and look forward to the continued opportunity to be a source of inspiration as the eyes of the entire world fall upon Glasgow and Scotland.”

Herald business team manager Stephen McTaggart, who conceived the new campaign, said: “I wanted to launch the 100 Days of Hope campaign as an open platform for everyone to participate. 


“It’s a celebration of how far Scotland has come, telling the story of a journey that will hopefully serve as a shining light to the rest of the world on how we have committed to a more sustainable future.”

  • All businesses, organisations, groups, social enterprises, campaigners, charities and individuals who are interested in telling their own personal 'climate journey' story in our 100 Days of Hope campaign can email