One of Scotland's top police officers has predicted that more arrests will be made following scenes in Glasgow that saw Rangers fans gather in the city centre.

Three police officers were injured and 20 people were arrested as authorities dispersed a large crowd of celebrating Rangers fans.

People were assaulted and property was damaged as missiles were also thrown at officers. 

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The Herald:

Footage on social media showed packs of fans brawling with each other, and launching traffic cones, plastic bollards and other missiles at lines of riot gear-clad police officers.

Images showed George Square strewn with hundreds of broken bottles, plastic bags and spent flares after crowds were moved out of the area.

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Police Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr said on Twitter that “many more arrests will follow in the coming weeks”.

He tweeted: "Many more arrests will follow in the coming weeks. Officers on the ground did a remarkable job, in difficult and trying circumstances."

 Mark Sutherland, Police Scotland’s Divisional Commander for Greater Glasgow, said in a statement.

“Our policing response has been proportionate. We have responded appropriately and consistently to the behaviour of those gathered.

“This disgraceful behaviour which clearly endangered public and officer safety could not be tolerated and officers dressed in full public order equipment and, after appropriate warnings were given, moved in to disperse those present.

“Although most of those present dispersed, a number remained and confronted officers with violence and aggression. Missiles were thrown and officers came under direct attack as George Square and the surrounding area was cleared.

“I strongly condemn the behaviour of these supporters who have not only placed our officers at risk but have sought to damage the image and reputation of this great city, especially during this critical period of the pandemic.”