Sunday's opinion page pieces looked at the "irresponsible" scenes in Glasgow as Rangers fans celebrated their Scottish Premiership title victory and the state of Scotland's education. Here is The Herald’s pick of those editorials.

The Sun on Sunday.

Its leader said that the events in Glasgow as tens of thousands of Rangers fans descended on the city centre to celebrate their Scottish Premiership title triumph were "shocking".

"To call yesterday's events in Glasgow irresponsible would be to understate matters by some margin," the paper said.

"No one is denying that Rangers fans should be proud of their Scottish Premiership triumph this season. Or that it deserves a robust celebration," the leader said.

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"But taking over Glasgow city centre in a direct snub to pleas from politicians and their own club to follow the rules is not the answer. Scotland is still in the midst of a pandemic where personal freedoms are hard won and easily lost."

It concluded:"Professor Hugh Pennington said the scenes yesterday were 'madness'.

"He's not wrong.

But they are maddening too. For all those who were partying in George Square, there were countless other folk who were sticking to the guidance, however arduous that may be.

"They are the ones who will pay the price if yesterday's events lead to a rise in Covid cases across the city and the consequent delaying of lockdown easing.

"And that is a crying shame."

Mail on Sunday

Former Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson said the SNP had failed Scotland's pupils again over the "utter farce" over their results.

She wrote that youngsters from the poorest parts of the country were unfairly downgraded compared with their richer peers.

In here column, she described it as "textbook case of mishandling, digging in against huge pressure, then claiming victory after a dizzying U-turn".

"Some 124,000 exam papers were downgraded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), and overturned only after sustained protests by pupils, parents and opposition parties," she said.

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"Senior students were stressed, devastated, confused and in limbo. When college and university courses started, those ready to go were further disenfranchised, forced to attend campuses but then facing restrictions which stopped in-person lectures, yet banned from going home."

She added: "As former English teacher and commentator James McEnaney said: 'The SQA is an incompetent organisation run by incompetent people and protected by an incompetent minister, none of whom are interested in putting the wellbeing of young people ahead of their own interests.'

"I fear he may be right."