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Car leasing - it’s not a complicated way of driving a vehicle, and at Intelligent Car Leasing we have made it as simple as possible. 

From the wide range of vehicles available to a variety of different ways to structure your agreement covering the amount of your initial rental to the length of the term, you will find the website simple to navigate. 

But if you are new to the idea of car leasing, let us take you through the process: what it is, and what it entails. 

Personal car leasing is becoming the most popular way to drive a new car. The number of vehicles on a personal car lease is now double the amount just two years ago, according to industry body the BVRLA

It is overtaking traditional methods of car purchase, such as HP and PCP. With an HP deal the monthly repayments are usually very high, while PCPs - Personal Contract Purchase offers on new cars - are more complex due to the often-high initial deposit, followed by whether you should buy the car at the end of the term or hand it back because the value in the car has reduced too much; or use any equity in the car as a deposit for a new car. Decisions, decisions! 

That’s not the case with car leasing. It’s far simpler than that. 

First off, you never actually own the car but lease it - a long term rental if you like - for a period of time. And that makes the monthly rentals more affordable. If you’re the type of person that likes to ‘own’ their car, consider that many drivers that purchase their car, don’t keep it forever. Many opt to trade the car in for a new one at some point, so even ‘purchased’ cars are only used for a specific period. And of course, the process of trading in comes with its own hassles. Leasing removes the complexity and makes jumping into an all-new car a simpler and more regular experience.  

The payments you make each month cover the cost of the car calculated on what it cost new and what its value will be at the end of your rental period. But this is what makes leasing so attractive. You don’t have to worry about the value - the funding company takes all that risk away from you. All that’s required of you is to drive the car for your agreed rental period, enjoy your choice of vehicle during that time, and then hand the car back at the end of your agreement. Is that simple, or what? 

It’s worth pointing out here that by making the lease agreement that simple, you also agree to hand the car back in a reasonable condition that is expected of a car at that age and mileage. You might not actually ‘own’ the vehicle but you still need to look after it as part of your contract. But that’s no different than looking after a car you might purchase. 

Second, with car leasing you need to decide how long you wish to drive the car for. The most popular terms which Intelligent Car Leasing has on its website are 24 months; 36 months; or 48 months. Generally speaking, the longer the period, the lower the monthly rental payments will be. But you may decide that you want to swap your car more often, so 24 months would probably be a better choice. 

Third, you need to decide how many miles you want to drive each year. On the Intelligent Car Leasing site you can simply configure the amount of miles you want to drive in the vehicle search bar, but we offer everything from 5000 miles a year to a mega 30,000 miles. If you are uncertain, the friendly leasing experts at Intelligent Car Leasing can help.  

If it helps, annual mileage is dropping to around 8000 miles a year for personal leasing agreements, according to data from a comparison site, but the changes to lifestyle following the pandemic may mean it’s lower as more people decide to work from home. 

Leasing offers many other benefits, such as road tax being included, thereby saving you even more money, and it’s worth pointing out that you can spec your preferred vehicle to your exact choosing. And if you’re considering an electric vehicle, leasing is by far the best approach to ensure you’re never stuck with outdated technology. 

And that’s it!  

All you need to understand about car leasing, made simple. The only difficult bit is choosing your next car from the hundreds of brand new vehicles on the Intelligent Car Leasing website.