From fruity and herbaceous, to tropical and wild, flavoursome spirits are where it's at, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

This summer is set to be all about spirits. Leading brands seem to have collectively discovered a mutual love of fruity infusions, zesty variants and adventurous flavour combinations.

From eye-catching bottles to thirst quenching tipples, we've rounded up the most expressive and innovative flavours to have on ice as things (hopefully) warm up...

1. Beefeater Peach & Raspberry Gin, £14 (70cl), Waitrose

A celebration of Beefeater's rich history, the world's most awarded gin is out to prove peach and raspberry is more than just a fruity variation on the classic London Dry. Inspired by historic recipes dating back to the 1800s - which included a peach liqueur and raspberry gin - this new take offers a dose of fragrant stone fruits aligned with tart raspberry to balance the sweeter notes - and it lives up to expectation. Simply add tonic, garnish with a slice of fresh peach and a raspberry.

2. Bacardi Coconut Premium Rum Spirit Drink, £14.50 (70cl) Asda

Craving sun, sea and sand? You won't be able to resist the totally tropical taste and sweet, nutty aromas of coconuts with white rum then. Bacardi's version is utterly delicious in a pina colada, mixed with fruit juice, cola or neat over ice. Rich, intense and sweetly satisfying.

3. Bombay Sapphire Special Edition, Sapphire Sunset, £20 (70cl), Asda

Channel some much-needed holiday sunshine with Sapphire Sunset's spicy infusion of three botanicals: golden turmeric, Indian white cardamom, and Spanish mandarin peel. The palate reveals much of these characters, with top notes of orange blossom at the fore and a gentle, spicy kick lending a lovely vibrancy on the finish. Versatile too, enjoy with tonic, garnished with an orange wheel, or with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime.

4. Black Cow Vodka Negroni, £25 (50cl), Black Cow

A big hitter on the cocktail circuit, the trendy negroni has been reimagined with vodka replacing gin in this ready to serve premix, clocking in at 24% abv. And with all the hard work done for you, what's not to love about this bittersweet cocktail powered by Black Cow Vodka, Campari, Spanish vermouth and a secret blend of bitters for some citrusy zing? Simply pour over ice, or top with soda for a longer drink.

5. Rockstar Spirits: Pineapple Grenade Spiced Rum, £31 (50cl), Morrisons

Rockstar Spirits focus on premium, single distillery rums and splice them with natural flavour combinations to offer a variety of expressions. We've plucked Pineapple Grenade from Guyana, which is infused with a secret mix of spices, sweet pineapple and moreish salted caramel. Packing a serious punch at 65% abv, it's one for tiki cocktails, or over ice with a slice.

6. Wildjac Fresh Citrus Vodka, £29 (70cl), Wildjac

A citrus led vodka that's ideal for summer sipping and cocktails, Worcestershire hops, lemon thyme, elderflower, orange peel, pink grapefruit, coriander and lime are just some of the ingredients that make this clear spirit sing with freshness. Fragrant hints of bergamot let themselves be known and the palate's exceptionally smooth with a citrusy lift on the finish. Serve neat over ice, or top with soda and trim with a slice of fresh lemon.

7. Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin, £44.99 (70cl), Selfridges

Tangy, bittersweet raspberries, herbaceous basil notes and a burst of juniper make this new flavour variety extremely vibrant. A fresh fruity tartness gives it some bite with a hint of sweetness and leafy, spicy notes add depth and complexity. A great tasting gin, especially when you're in the mood for a pop of colour. Top with tonic and garnish with a basil sprig and fresh raspberries.