THE SNP has accused the Prime Minister of 'overt racism' following a report which found his comments about burka-wearing women to be insensitive towards Muslims.

Kirsten Oswald, the party’s deputy leader in Westminster, said the findings of Professor Swaran Singh’s report into Islamophobia within the UK Conservative party “should come as no surprise at all”.

The report, published today, found that the comments made in a newspaper column in 20128 written by the PM suggested the party was insensitive to the Muslim community, after he compared women who wore burkas to “letterboxes” and “bankrobbers”.

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However, it found no evidence of institutional racism in the way complaints about Islamophobia were handled.

Ms Oswald said Mr Johnson had made a “litany of overtly racist and discriminatory comments”.

She said: “This report is a damning indictment of Boris Johnson’s conduct and the behaviour of the Conservative party more generally.

“The fact that the Prime Minister’s remarks have been found to have given an impression that the Tories were seen as ‘insensitive towards Muslims’ should come as no surprise at all to anyone, in the party or outside it.

“Boris Johnson has made a litany of overtly racist and discriminatory comments about various groups of people over the years, which have not only caused major offence but have damaged the Conservative Party and the UK's reputation.

“This is not leadership – and any Prime Minister who does not hold, promote and follow a zero tolerance towards racism and Islamophobia is not fit for office.

“This latest finding serves as another reminder of the rot at the core of this Tory government and its extreme, right-wing views."

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said this afternoon that Mr Johnson “does not hold” racist views.

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He said: “You will be aware that the Prime Minister has apologised for any offence taken from his past writings and made clear that he will not use some of that offending language now he is Prime Minister.”

Asked why Mr Johnson would not apologise for his comments about burka-wearing women looking like letterboxes or bank robbers, the spokesman said: “You have got the PM’s words.”

Pressed on whether Mr Johnson was concerned people might think he holds racist views, the spokesman said: “The PM does not hold any such views. He has apologised for any offence taken and would not use some of that offending language as Prime Minister.”